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Stafford St 266
7810, Greymouth
+64 3-755 8151

Opening hours

  • Monday: Open 24 hours
  • Tuesday: Open 24 hours
  • Wednesday: Open 24 hours
  • Thursday: Open 24 hours
  • Friday: Open 24 hours
  • Saturday: Open 24 hours
  • Sunday: Open 24 hours

Established in 2007, our gym is a modern, fully equipped facility with a high standard of maintenance. See our Gym Equipment page for a full list of equipment.

A wide range of Group Fitness Classes are available for all fitness levels. These are free to members and casual visitors are welcome. The classes are designed to give participants a complete workout under the guidance of a fully trained instructor. Click here to view our Group fitness class timetable.

The facility has supervised hours and we have fully qualified Registered Exercise Professional Personal Trainers available for that extra motivation. Click here to meet the team.


Bodyworx Fitness Centre has not yet filled in its description.

Bodyworx Fitness Centre: Opinions

Ruahine Gempton 1 year ago

Staff are friendly and very helpful, they always greet with a smile and make you feel welcome . There are so many different exercise equipment available, that it makes you not want to leave. Being at B F C relieves stress from daily activities and it gives you time to chill out.

Angela Bell 2 years ago

Bodyworx Fitness Centre has changed my life from feeling 20years older than what I am. My age is 65years but I now feel like a 40year old, thanks to my trainer Yvonne Reeves who has guided me through to where I am now. Yvonne has taken me to places I didn't think possible in the space of one year, I now have strength and muscle back that had just stopped working due to an injury and recovery process. I have looked on my journey from a wellness perspective instead of just going on a diet, as I would have done,if it hadn't been for Yvonne's guidance, she would say to me to eat good nutrition and only cut out what you can maintain, no fad diet plans. Great communication and professional attitudes are a steadfast ethos at Bodyworx and no judgemental comments are made only positive feedback at all times. The staff at this gym are brilliant as are the classes,they are always friendly and ready with helpful tips and advice on all aspects of form and correct use of all equipment. Bodyworx is now my go to happy place for wellness, strength and fitness for the rest of my changed life! Thanks guys

Ethan Phillips 2 years ago

This is the best gym I’ve ever been a member of. The staff make you feel so comfortable and at home and will do anything they can to help you. The equipment is great and the place is always clean and organised. Highly recommend!

Di Beverly 2 years ago

Amazing people, recommend

Mazza Gee 3 years ago

Clean, non-judgemental

Rahul Gopinath 3 years ago

Good set of equipment and friendly staff

precious elmer reyes 3 years ago

People (staff and clients) are all friendly. Has electronic access now so handy you can go basically anytime you want.

Cole Eamon 4 years ago

One of the best gyms in NZ.

Big Schlomp 4 years ago

No Thai food in sight which stops them from getting 5 stars

Jim Jorel 4 years ago

Very nice gym , like old school but very friendly people . Most the time there is only 5/6 people training at the same time so don't need to wait for use a machine . Great gym !!

Ian & Ellen Weston 4 years ago

Great gym .. many thanks to Tracy Tomasi .. its great to see a smiling face whervever you go. Only one negative was the man who came over to me during my workout. . He demanded i put locking collars on the bar whilst bench pressing .. His attitude was quite rude .. I'm not a dumb asrse that has just taken up the sport .. I have been weight lifting for years As i train on my own i leave the collars off .. if i get into any trouble its much easier to drop the weights off when not pinned. Now I've had my winge time for the positives .. Its one of the gest gyms i have been in during my travels around New Zealand

carol deavy 4 years ago

Great gym with everything you need to stay healthy, fit, and strong.

Peter Henderson 4 years ago

Great support

Dima Tarnov 5 years ago

Michelle is awesome, recommend for PT for all levels. Reasonable range of equipment. Expect to pay more than city centres.

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